Walk-In & Drop-Off Shredding

Drop Off Your Shredding and Be Done

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner, professional, healthcare provider or freelancer, curbside recycling just isn’t a good place for your confidential records. You need to know your information is guarded carefully until it’s destroyed completely, not just sitting out there for anyone to take.

When you need records shredded securely on your schedule, or prefer not have our mobile shredding truck come to you, we provide the option for you to bring it to American Mobile Shredding, a Pacific Company.

If you can get your shredded documents to the AMS shredding or collection facility in one of our three locations, Sacramento, Modesto or Fresno, we’ll take it from there. No appointments, no hassles, no problem!

AMS is happy to move the documents you want shredded from your vehicle to our facility, regardless of how much you’re shredding—we can handle any volume, from those that fit into a locking tote to those that need a pallet. We’ll take your records from there to here to securely destroyed without you lifting a finger!

You don’t have to do a thing before you bring your records to us. Our industrial shredders can handle any and all of the following with ease:

  • Paperclips
  • Staples
  • Report covers
  • Binders
  • Hardcover books
  • X-rays
  • Microfilm

Most importantly, document security is our business, and we handle all documents entrusted to us according to the most stringent security and confidentiality standards in the industry. Once received, client records are staged in our secure, access-controlled facility and shredded within five days.

Once your documents have been destroyed, you will be issued a Certificate of Destruction for your records and compliance purposes.

Call  us today or complete the form on this page to learn more about how you can drop off your documents and be done, on your schedule!

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